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We aim to contribute to our local community by providing access to a truly independent, community owned and operated local radio station which will:

  • Improve access to local information, community events and entertainment;

  • Increase the sense of connection within the community between people of all ages, social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds;

  • Provide a forum for engaging in discussion on issues of local, national and international importance;

  • Enable residents to share music, talk and common interests and events;

  • Provide a platform for wholesome, uplifting, encouraging  and positive programming.

  • Give an opportunity for the next generation to learn broadcasting on a volunteer basis.

  • Provide the community with a Broadcast Emergency System.


In the spirit of unity the vision of WXED LP 107.3 FM 107.3 FM is to support Ellwood City and surrounding communities by giving residents a voice to one another, learn from one another and encourage one another.

The vision of WXEDLP 107.3 FM is to provide the community of Ellwood City with a locally owned and operated radio station. WXED will produce quality, wholesome and uplifting programming. WXED will offer diverse and informative content.

WXED motto is "One Community - One Voice"


Be Approachable, Demonstrate Integrity, Encourage, Unify, Wholesome, Listening Audience is Important; Together we strive to build a better community; Laughter & Joy are important; We want to Bring Positive Change & Growth Inform, Educate;  Provide Opportunities for the Next Generation; and Dialogue through Differences.

WXED respects our charitable status and recognizes the value of our listener contributions. Since we are not permitted paid commercials we value the contributions and importance of sponsors, members, and individuals donations to maintain a healthy financial base of operations.

WXED will promote unity and awareness in the community by having a public voice made up of many citizens and residents in the Ellwood City area. 

Programming aired will be designed to help local residents learn from one another, listen to one another and share local events and activities that bring a people together.

Daily programs are planned to air during a 24 hour period. 

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